The chair of the GladeEdit

Ranger Rider ranger47
The chair

Rider ranger47 Founded this wiki February 17, 2015 and is currently its only bureaucrat. I am also is the only active bureaucrat on the canon Maze Runner wiki, And a current a member of the PPC, a group dedicated to the eradication of poorly written fanfics. Feel free to ask me to beta or proof read your fanfics or ask me any other questions about the wiki. I am also very competent in the technical aspects of Wikia and Mediawiki in general.

Keeper of the BuildersEdit

250px-25230136.png.jpg Berglund

Berglund is a local administrator. She is a very loving fun person, but don't make her mad. She is also the wiki´s lead editor and page creator. You will normally find her on the forums, editing or in chat. She stands as the vice-founder of the wiki and the main admin ,You can also find her on The Fusion of the worlds wiki. She handles from blocks to page protections, so feel free to contact her with any request. And if you need a photo Photoshopped just ask her!  She'll crop or auto fix it in no time.