Irina Vilaró
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'8"
Weight 129 lbs

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Hair, Body, Skin (Olive)

Descriptive Edit

Irina is extremely tall and has large breasts for her age. Her skin is olive-colored and has many dots, none of which are freckles. She has asparagus green eyes, even though she has Leukocoria in her right pupil.

Personality Edit

Irina has a strong head but is quite sensitive. She dislikes being the center of attention, because she gets nervous of who she speaks with, and doesn't always want to talk. She is not a very trusting person, and gets nervous often, causing her to come off as uneasy or like she's hiding something.

Even if she gets used to someone, this doesn't change much at all. She may begin to talk a bit more though. In stressful situations, she is distant and can be a bit more jumpy. She is intelligent but slightly irrational. Her emotions play the supporting role in her decisions, because she has outbursts of thoughts causing her to act on intuition, rather than think it through. She's more of a think fast person. Edit

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