Kamlai "Ida" Suramongkol
Nun s thailand medic faceclaim cook ombre oc
Vital statistics
Position Medic/Cook
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
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"I'd say 'okay as I'll ever be', but I'll be better once we get out of here. So let's go."
— To Min-ho
Kamlai Suramongkol (English name: Ida), is a Thai-American Medic and Cook. In the movies, she is portrayed by Napakpapha Nakprasitte

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Kamlai is a girl of average height with a trim body, small breasts, and strong thighs, which she considers her best physical asset. She has very soft features, black eyes and smoky quartz skin, with a silver nose ring.

Ida kamlai hairstyle the glade

Her hair from the side.

Her type 1c hair is naturally black, and has had many ombre colors such red and green, and it's currently blue. While in The Glade, she wore it in a high ponytail where her bangs are pulled back and strands put neatly on the right. 

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optimistic, generally has pleasure-seeking ideals, rational, normally agrees with ideas if presented confidently, which leads her to be gullible, slightly sarcastic, happy, unable to semi-focus, always completes what she starts

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