Alexia Bells
Vital statistics
Position Keepers of the MedJacks
Age About 17-18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 179 cm
Weight 57 kg
Alexia Bells, also known as Alexia, is a Canadian-nationed gladers. She is a main character along with Mona Kaguya. Also, a great MedJacks Keeper. Her name was taken from Alexander Graham Bell.

Biography Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

She has a long, wavy brown hair. Her eyes is brown and her lips is orange. She is a fair-skinned girl.

Personality Edit

A though, carefree and doesn't talk too much. She loves friendship, but hates it when her friends are hanging out with someone she thought as "enemies".

Quotes Edit

"There's nothing better than a friend"

"If you cannot be positive, at least be QUIET!"

Facts Edit

  • Always care about enemies, thats why gladers give her the name "Lady Secret Stalker"
  • Some of the male MedJacks are in love with her

Gallery' Edit

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Alexia in scarf